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It has been an exciting year.  After working for 20 years at Eastern Illinois University, I decided that I needed a change.  So, as of July 1st, I become the department head for the Communication Arts program at Valdosta State University.  The program includes dance, mass media, speech communication, and theatre. Among many other activities, we have a strong summer musical theatre program, the Peach State Summer Theatre, the offical musical theatre of the State of Georgia.  Cate and I went to their first show when we were house hunting and were blown away by Marry Poppins.  

We also have a nationally competitive Forensic's program. The VSU Forensics (Speech and Debate) Team won the Delta Sigma Rho Tau Kappa Alpha National Debate Championship in 2013.

Students in our media program won an award recently at the Georgia College and State University’s  BALD Shorts Film Festival for a short film produced by a faculty-student team during our second annual 48-Hour Film Festival.

Moving was not fun.  As I mentioned on Facebook, I have noticed a couple of trends.  I define a trend if it happens three times.  Once is a random event, twice is interesting, three times is a trend.  

  • I move after the worst winter a region experiences in fifteen to twenty years.  True this time in moving from Illinois.  It was also true when I moved from New England and from West Virginia. 
  • I move in on the hotest day of the year (to date of the move).  When I moved to New England, people across the street at Friendlies were taking bets that I would pass out in the heat. 

So, as I begin my 33rd year of teaching, I can say that I am once again excited to be starting over.  Getting ready for classes, working with faculty to move the department forward is still exciting, engaging, and fulfilling for me. So, here we go again.  


What's New?

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  • New VSU New Zealand/Australia Study Abroad Program
  • information on Barbados Study Abroad
  • updates to personal photo gallery