Location: Nelson

We take for granted that the foods we know at home are the same around the world.  Well, today I was reminded once again of this fallacy.  I don’t know why, but I never seem to remember that pizza is not pizza.

We ordered Dominos pizza while in Nelson as we had a long bus trip and it was a one-night stay.  I ordered a sausage pizza.  Well, the sausage was certainly not what I was used to, the sauce was ketchup, and the crust was cardboard.  I was eating tastelessness.  The sausage was basically English breakfast sausage sliced so it looked a lot like little pepperoni (but not the taste).

I was also reminded of a conversation I overheard between Dr. Mills and another student regarding the local coffee.  Those who drink coffee in the States generally find that coffee in New Zealand is horrible.  The closest I have come to a reasonable cup of coffee is a long black.  Which is espresso thinned with a little water.  Anyway,  Dr Mills, in response to a student’s comment was, “Don’t you think that the coffee tastes the way it does because people here like it?”  People generally don’t eat or drink things they don’t like.

So, it struck me again, things are not the same around the world for even the little things.  So, I will continue to drink my long blacks and my Earl Grey teas and enjoy the smells.

More on foods in another entry later.