Australia is one of my top adventures. I have been visiting Australia since 2006. Since that date, I have coordinated five study abroad programs, spending almost six months in the country. I always enjoy the program as I watch students experience something completely new. I experienced Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, and Rockhampton during my travels in Australia. I hope to get back someday soon to experience more of the country.

We spent time in Sydney, Brisbane, and Cains areas during our travels. We visited many of the iconic sites and got to know a significant number of people. Many of the students maintain their friendships today.

A typical program involves almost three weeks in-country. Students have the chance to experience the Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns areas.

Here are some of our typical adventures.

In Sydney, we visit the Opera House, The Rocks, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour, see a rugby match at the Olympic Park, and visit a sheep station. We visit Fetherdale Nature Preserve to see animals that are unique to Australia. We spend a day in the Blue Mountains. Students are learning about the country’s history, culture, economy, and politics.

We fly from Sydney to Cairns. We spend several days in Cairns visiting with aboriginal artists, spearfishing, visiting The Great Barrier Reef, swimming in the Mossman river, visiting the Daintree forest and a tea plantation, completing a crocodile tour on the Daintree River, and doing a night jungle walk. Again, the experience is more than just tourism. The programs are personal, with local guides explicitly hired for this program to focus on history, culture, economics, and politics.

Our final destination is Brisbane. We use this stop as a layover to position ourselves to fly back to the United States. Students have several days to complete their research, explore the city, and do final shopping.